Your significant other is already0 a superhero, being there for you through all the good and bad times in life. To celebrate their unique qualities, order a custom comic of their likeness for a birthday or special celebration. We take their photo and turn it into an amazing comic portrait. If they have any superpowers, please list them on the order form when you place your order so we can incorporate them into the comic. Martial arts! Cooking! Sports! Playing video games! No activity is too complicated for our talented artist. Or perhaps you want a comic book to always remember the special times of your life together. Their comic book-likeness will be as bright and vibrant as they are in your life.

custom superhero comic

2. Give an anniversary gift they’ll never forget.

A wedding anniversary is a special celebration of your life together. What better way to celebrate with your spouse than creating your own comic. We can memorialize any time in your life together, or create a comic book that focusses on your special day. 1-year, 5-year, 10-year anniversaries and more, we can cover every special wedding anniversary in your life. If you wish, we can also add dogs, cats, and other special pets into the frame or comic book. If your loved one has ever done something amazing or even funny, our comic strip maker can make the story come to life so you can share it again and again with family. We can also add in children or other family members if you choose to create your own comic book of your past years together.

anniversary comic

3. Remember the moments that brought you together.

If you and your partner, or husband or wife were brought together through chance or in some other unique way, celebrate a wedding anniversary with a special graphic novel. This comic can be made for a surprise proposal or special anniversary date together too. And if you adopted a pet on a certain day last year, you may wish to surprise loved ones with special pet comic portraits. There are many ways you can celebrate the moments that brought you together when you order your comic portraits. A personalized comic can also provide a unique gift when you don’t know what else to buy them. Surprise your loves ones by ordering an online comic from a talented comic strip maker, rather than buying the usual jewellery, chocolates, or flowers.


4. Show off your quirky side in a comic!

Everyone has personality traits that make us more unique than others. Some are noticeable, while others are hidden superhero characteristics. If you’re searching for a great gift for a student’s graduation or special holiday, one of our comic masters can create colourful and descriptive comics and online animations to show off your loved one’s quirky side. This is also perfect as a business gift for someone in your office who has excelled or succeeded over the past year or so. If you’re not certain exactly how you want your friend or loved one portrayed in a comic illustration, just send us a fun photograph and our magic comic artists will do all the work for you.

cutom comic strip cutom comic strip cutom comic strip cutom comic strip cutom comic strip cutom comic strip

5. Send a creative wedding invitation.

If you’ve searching through hundreds of bland wedding invitations, a better solution can be seen in one of our custom illustrated wedding invitations. You and your partner can have their likeness recreated in a special comic book panel that artfully displays your love for each other. The wedding date is prominently displayed at the top left, much like a comic book is dated. Both your names are prominently displayed on the sides. Beneath, a slogan or catch phrase can be printed to announce your special wedding date. Creative wedding invitations made by our comic master are more unique than simply ordering bland wedding invitations from a printing company. When you order a comic invitation it may also give you a great idea for your wedding party theme.

creative wedding invitation

6. Or a great gift for your best men.

If you have a special man in your life that needs the perfect gift, a personalized comic makes the perfect gift. There are many occasions where you may wish to order an online comic or create your own comic as a gift. If you’re getting married, this would make a great gift for your best man or the best men in your wedding party. You can celebrate their career, or a special moment in time when they helped you out and became your best man. The comic illustration will look just like them. A graphic novel can also make a great gift for a birthday celebration for your teen who is into comic books, or perhaps you need a gift for a graduation, celebration, or any type of holiday.

illustration gift for best man illustration gift for best man illustration gift for best man illustration gift for best man illustration gift for best man illustration gift for best man

7. Make a one-of-a-kind proposal.

Has your relationship had some ups and downs, but now you want to celebrate your special proposal? You can create a comic book of your amusing dating experiences. You don’t want to have the same type of wedding proposal as everyone else. Let the comic strip master create a wonderful illustration or online comic of the impending proposal. Just imagine her surprise when she opens up the package! This is also the perfect option for men who are a bit shy about attempting that proposal. Where to begin? A custom comic is the perfect solution and it can be framed and hung on the wall for you to enjoy forever. Just keep adding a new frame to your exciting story together each year.

one of a kind proposal one of a kind proposal one of a kind proposal

8. Or a one-of-a-kind thank you!

Often friends, family, or colleagues go one step beyond to help us out in life. We want to thank them, but often a box of chocolates or a gift card simply isn’t enough. A custom comic is the best way to surprise them with a thank you. It shows that you put as much thought into thanking them as they put into caring for you. Our comic masters can create a comic with your special friend as a superhero. They can be thanked for helping out with a job or task, exceeding expectations at work, or donating money to charity. Even better, a graphic novel by our comic master can help to create an action-packed story where your friend, family, or colleague is the hero or heroine.

one of a kind thank you one of a kind thank you one of a kind thank you

9. Show the rock star in your life how much they rock.

Does your loved one enjoy music? You can order a comic and show them just how much you care. This is the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary or other type of holiday or celebration. You can order a Rock Star comic portrait, or a special online animation. This comic can showcase a frame where you and your loved one are the rock star king and queen, holding royalty gear or musical instruments. You can choose what you wish to be in the comics, or leave it to our comic masters if you can’t think up a good idea. We can turn your photo into an excellent likeness of the rock star in your life, doing what they do best.

custom couple comic

10. Show your MVP how valuable they are.

Your MVP player at work or on your sports team is constantly going above and beyond in performance. They’re the star of the show. But even though they are paid for their efforts, or do it out of the goodness of their hearts, they should be recognized for their special efforts. They are the true super heroes in life that can be featured in their very own comic books. Perhaps you have a personal mentor or coach who’s helped you out. Celebrate their amazing qualities with a personalized comic. Our comic masters can create multiple panels on one page to tell a special story about your Most Valuable Player. We can also create a full comic book too.

most valuable player

11. Or your family what heroes they are!

If you have certain members of your family who are super heroes, they should be memorialized in their own online comic or printed comic book. Our digital comic master can take your ideas and photos and bring them to life. One or more characters from your life can be seen in action, solving life’s great mysteries. They can appear on a special comic book cover, complete with current date, or be made into an online animation. Their comic portraits will appear throughout the story. Or, our comic designers can simply create an entirely new story featuring the favourite people in your life, for their birthday or holiday, if you’re not certain what’s the best story to share with the world.

family superheroes

12. Celebrate all the great people in your life!

Now that you’ve celebrated all the wonderful people at work and your family at home, you can also celebrate all the great people in your life. These are people that you see on a daily basis. They can be your neighbours, or people from local businesses. Perhaps it’s your postal worker or the bus driver you see every day. Perhaps they have gone above and beyond what is expected. There are many holidays ahead for 2018, and comic portraits can be illustrated by a comic strip maker as a gift. You can provide a photo to us, or simply write a description when you order a comic. A comic celebrates all the people in your life in a more unique manner than simply buying them a basic gift.

great people in your life

13. Have your kids drawn into their favourite cartoon.

You love your children, now it’s time to place them into their very own custom comic. Our comic artist will create a comic illustration, placing your kids right at the centre of action. You can even have your kids drawn into their favourite cartoon or comic book franchise. You can choose to order one custom full page panel for framing, or to create a comic book story. You can have all the kids appear in one comic, and then create your own comics for each individual child’s superhero abilities, then tie all the stories together. Their favourite cartoon art will make the perfect gift for a special holiday coming up or for a birthday. Or perhaps you want to surprise your kids with their own comic book for no reason at all.

kids drawn into their favorite cartoon

14. Your hubby into his favourite film.

If your hubby is your superhero because he’s always around when you need him, then he deserves to be the star in his own graphic novel. This makes the perfect gift for birthday, wedding, or anniversary. The graphic novel can focus on his favourite film, whether it’s a blockbuster or a Netflix original. Simply let our comic artists know which character he will be when you place your order. Your hubby can be on a page for framing, a complete comic book, or even an online animation. Please let us know if he has special super hero abilities, or ones that you’d like to combine with his daily activities, such as playing baseball, barbecuing, looking after the kids, or other activities.

your hubby illustrated

15. Or get yourself written into an episode of your favourite TV show.

Now that you’ve ordered gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list, don’t forget yourself! Buy yourself an online comic where you are written into an episode of your favourite TV show. This choice is best for a complete graphic novel where you are the hero. Even better, you can start out as the villain in your favourite TV show, then bounce back and save the world! You can create a comic book for your enjoyment, or to be shared with friends and family for birthday gifts. To place your order you’ll let our comic master know who you’ll be in your TV show, or if you’re a brand new character. You can also include members of your family in other roles.

tv show illustrated

16. The perfect gift for your princess!

Your daughter is the special princess in your life who deserves to play the starring role in a comic portrait or in a personalized comic. She can be Wonder Woman, her sidekick, or even better, her own unique character in her superhero story. You can choose one comic panel, an online comic, or a comics series. Please give us her age and description and we’ll create something age-appropriate for your young princess. If you have an older child, she can be queen in her own custom story. If you have an idea for a story, please share with us, otherwise we can place her at the centre of the action at her favourite playground or location. Soon she’ll be a crime-fighting, problem-solving superhero of the day.

the perfect gift for your princess

17. Have the best handout at the trade show!

If you want to create a handout or brochure to promote your business at the upcoming trade show that will actually be read, a custom comic book is sure to be read again and again. This type of promotional advertisement can feature the superheroes of your business who can help customers and clients solve their intricate problems. The comic can begin with a striking and colourful cover to capture the interest of trade show attendees. They’ll be excited to take a copy for browsing through later. A comic book from a trade show is sure to be kept for the files, which may just lead to business conversion later. Inside, you can showcase your products or services, or provide quality business advice.

illustration for trade show

18. Spice up your business presentations!

If you do a lot of Powerpoint, Keynote or other types of software presentations, it helps to keep the presentation colourful and lively. You can create your own comic to illustrate your main presentation points. This keeps the program enjoyable, and helps people to focus on your topic. You can chose to create comic illustrations for one part of your presentation, or save them as a reward for watching the presentation to the very end. Our comic strip maker can take your business ideas and put them into a fun and exciting story that can be shared at business presentations or even at a trade show panel you are hosting. Let our comic masters solve the problem of custom business presentations for you.

custom comic for business presentation custom comic for business presentation custom comic for business presentation custom comic for business presentation custom comic for business presentation custom comic for business presentation

19. Explain how your product works.

It can be tricky to explain how to use your products in text. You can create videos, but they seem overdone today. Even better is to create your own online animation. Our comic book masters can take your product and create an animated explainer video of how your product works. This is one of the best ways to demonstrate a product to potential consumers, or to show how to properly use or install a product to safety standards. More people pay attention to online animation than any other form of media. This form of comic media is still under-utilized in the e-commerce marketplace today. Animation can also be a simple way to provide step-by-step guidelines that are simple for the consumer to follow, as they can be slowed down and more easily achieved.

product explanation comic

20. Or how great your business is!

Your business may be great but that doesn’t help if nobody else knows it. You can order a comic from one of our talented comic strip makers who can create a comic strip or page that tells how great your business is. You can use the comic book for promotional purposes online, in print, or for email marketing. You can choose to showcase your products or services, or have our comic masters create a unique storyline based around your business’s superpower. An online animation is also a great way to promote your business as people stop and watch these videos more than any other type. You can choose to have all the superheroes from your business showcased in your business comics, or create new roles.

business comic strip

21. Get a poster for your play.

Is your local theatre or school hosting an upcoming play? The playbill should be colourful and stand out with your cast of diverse characters. Our comic master can help you to order a comic that focusses on the characters, setting, and theme of your play. These illustrated posters can be used for online promotions, or for traditional promotions where playbills  and posters are stapled to walls, fences, or posts for local promotion. One-page posters can be created to suit every size of poster, in case you need to scale up or down. The posters can also have lettering added, to provide more information to viewers, including names of the play, cast members, dates and times of the performances, address of theatre, and ticket costs.

poster for your play

22. For your movie.

If you’re promoting a movie or are running a movie theatre, our comic artists can create a stunning illustration of for your film or TV show. We can create a vintage look for pre-60s, or a modern look for science fiction films in full colour graphics. These special comics can be used for online promotion, advertisements, or posters. You can highlight one of the best scenes from your film which will encourage viewers to watch your film at a cinema or on television. Custom comic posters can be created which can also have lettering, so the name of the show is prominent at the top. TV or film star names can be added to create more interest. Contact information can also be added to the poster.

poster for your movie

23. Your event.

If you’re hosting a special event, you can have a comic graphic or an illustration done in black and white or full colour for promotional purposes. This artwork can be used for online promotional purposes on social media or online search engines. If it’s for local events, they can be provided in high resolution graphics so you can print them out. Your event promotions can be used for posters, or can be handed out at other similar events. You can also leave leaflets or pamphlets at your local coffee shop or local business for sharing. Catchy graphics are important to capture the eyes of interested people who are seeking things to do on their time off. An illustrated poster will capture the attention of weary eyes who’ve seen too many photographs.

poster for your event

24. Or a cover for your album.

There are a vast number of ways to market products with comic illustrations and these include music album covers. But simply taking a photograph and adding text is not enough to capture the listening audience who already has billions of choices in the busy online music marketplace. A comic illustration of the band members in action is one perfect way to capture the eye of people who have disposable cash. Bright and colourful album graphics will be what sells your special album release, whether it’s a one-off or a series of songs or albums. These graphic album covers can also include speech bubbles, making them more fun for listeners. Turn your band members into super heroes and see how they become more interesting to look at.

illustrated cover for your movie

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